Mike Smith

For Delta Council

Why I'm Running

I'm running for Council because I want to represent YOU. I respect the work of those Councillors who've come before me, but I'm tired of seeing decisions get pushed through without respect being paid to those voices who have legitimate concerns. I'm tired of seeing decisions being made behind the scenes at in camera meetings. Deltans deserve to understand why decisions are made - and I'm committed to being as transparent as I can, even when we may have different ideas on the path forwards.

You elect councillors to work for you - and that's what I'm here to do: I'm here to be the independent voice that makes sure your voices are heard.

About Me

I'm Mike Smith, a longtime Delta resident who has lived in North Delta since 1991. I loved it here ever since we put down roots - I've been so lucky to raise my children in such a beautiful, warm community, and I've been blessed again to help raise my grandchildren, right here at home.

For most of my life, I've been a mechanic with Coast Mountain Bus Company. It has been my privilege over the last year to be the President of Unifor 2200 and to be able to represent those folks I work alongside with.

I've also been very active in the youth sports community in Delta, coaching a number of youth teams. I've loved my time involved in youth sports - it's so important in our digital age to ensure our kids stay active and learn fundamental physical skills - and the opportunities it's given me to be a mentor and help guide youth down the right path.